Providing instructions to participantsΒΆ

Problem: You want to display simple text instructions to the participant, perhaps at the beginning of the experiment or in between blocks.

Solution: Use the built in instruction trial_template.

First, define a text stimulus housing your instructions.

"TrainingInst": {
    "type": "text",
    "content": "In this first part of the experiment, you will see pairs of words presented on the screen. Your task is to <b>remember the capitalized words in each pair</b>. However, you should pay attention to both words and notice the relationship between them, since this relationship will help you remember the capitalized words."

Then, create an trial_template for this stimulus. Here we create an instruction trial template that will display the instructions defined above (“TrainingInst”) for a duration of 10 seconds before participants can continue.

"T1": {
   "type": "instruction",
   "stimuli": ["TrainingInst"],
   "duration": 10

Specifying the type as instruction allows us to present a stimulus only (e.g., the instruction text), without requiring the participant to respond.

If you want to prevent participants from proceeding immediately (i.e., before they could have possibly read the displayed instructions) define the duration parameter in seconds. This will automatically display a countdown for the participants letting them know when they can continue. When that countdown reaches zero a continue button will appear.

Once you have the instruction trial template defined, you can incorporate it into your procedure either preceding the main trials of a block ("cover_trials" = ["T1"]) or following a set of trials ("end_trials" = ["T1"]).