Launching a study on Mechanical Turk

FindingFive now works seemlessly with Amazon Mechanical Turk! If you’d like to program your study with the ease of FindingFive and simultaneously take advantage of the participant pool and easy payment procedure that Mechanical Turk offers, we’ve got you covered! We’ve done all the nitty-gritty backend work for you, so you can launch your FindingFive experiment on Turk with the following four easy steps.

  1. Make sure you have an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account
  2. Create a new Identity and Account Management (IAM) user
  3. Enter your IAM user access key and secret on FindingFive
  4. Launch and manage your study on MTurk from within FindingFive

Make sure you have an Amazon Web Servies account

Go to the homepage of Amazon Web Services, and click on “Sign In to the Console”. On the next page, it should ask you to create or sign up for an AWS account.

If you shop on Amazon, you don’t need to sign up for a new account. Just use the same email address and password for your AWS account.

Create a new Identity and Account Management (IAM) user

Once you have an AWS account, you’ll need to add a new IAM user to your account. This will generate access keys which allow FindingFive to do all the behind the scenes work for you on Mechanical Turk.


You may notice that without doing anything, there may already be a “root key” associated with your account (especially if your AWS account was created a while ago). Please make sure you do not give us (or any third-parties) the root key. The root key will allow others to make unrestricted changes to your AWS account, incurring charges and fees for services you did not sign up for.

When you log into your AWS account, you should see a search bar under “AWS services.” Type “IAM” into this search bar and hit return (or click “IAM Manage User Account and Access Keys” when it appears).


Add a new user

  • Click “Users” on the left hand side of the screen
  • Then click the “add user” button at the top of the screen

Set up the user’s access

  • Name the user (e.g., “FindingFive”, since we are the authorized user on your AWS account)
  • Select the box labelled “Programmatic Access” under Access Type
  • Click the “Next” button

Give permission for this user to access (only) Amazon Mechanical Turk

  • Click “Attach existing policies directly”
  • Type “Turk” into the policy type search bar
  • Select the box for “AmazonMechanialTurkFullAccess”
  • Click the “Next” button

Review your new user

  • Make sure your “AWS access type” says “Programmatic Acces - with an access key”
  • Ensure that “AmazonMechanicalTurkFullAccess” appears under the “Permissions summary”
  • Click “create user”

Now you should see your user’s “Access key ID” and “Secret access key”. Download the csv, keep this window open, or copy and paste both the key and secret into a local document on your computer.


!SAVE THESE KEYS NOW! You can only access these security credentials ONE TIME and FindingFive needs these keys to link up with Mechanical Turk. Make note of these keys now so you can pass the keys to FindingFive in the next step!

Enter your IAM user keys on FindingFive

Now that you have a mechanical-turk-only IAM user for your AWS account, you’ll need to tell FindingFive how to access that user.

First, log into FindingFive here.

Then go to your profile by clicking the person icon at the top right of your screen.

Click “MTurk Integration” on the left hand side of the screen (or scroll down to the bottom) and enter your IAM user’s access and secret keys.


Click “Save changes” on the left hand side of the screen and you’re all set up to use FindingFive integrated with MTurk!

Launch your study through FindingFive

Once you’ve programmed your experiment and are ready to create a session to be launched on MTurk, simply click the “new MTurk session” button on the sessions tab of your experiment.


We would love to hear about your feedback on FindingFive’s integration with Mechanical Turk. Email us at