FAQs for participants

What can I do at FindingFive?

You can think of FindingFive as an “app store” for behavioral research studies. You as the participant get to choose which studies to participate in, and in return, the researchers of those studies will typically pay you a small amount of money as a token of their appreciation.

Moreover, you can also learn about the latest research findings in behavioral sciences, directly from the researchers who conducted the studies. Neat, isn’t it?

What does it mean that my data will be collected?

Most behavioral studies will ask participants to respond to a few carefully designed questions, or to perform a few simple tasks (such as making choices between several options). Your responses to those tasks are collected and become the data used by researchers in further analyses. Your data will help scientists test hypotheses and theories about human behavior.

Why is my personal information collected?

The collection of personal information is completely voluntary. You can contribute as much personal information as you feel comfortable on your Profile Page.

There are two main uses of your personal information. First, some researchers may wish to only recruit participants within a certain demographic, such as those over the age of 30. By filling out the details of your profile, you will become qualified for such studies. Second, some researchers may wish to analyze their data in the context of the personal information of their participants. In those cases, we will always take steps to make sure your privacy is protected and your identity remains anonymous.

Will researchers see my name and know how I performed?

Data collected from participants are never connected to the identities of the participants. In most studies, participants’ identity will be completely hidden from researchers [1]. A minority of studies may collect participants’ names as required by researchers’ home institutions. In those cases, we will warn participants before they start the study, and ensure that the reported names are not linked to the collected data. Bottom line: researchers will never be able to connect your data to your identity.

How much do I get paid/rewarded for each study?

Researchers determine how much to pay participants given the duration, the difficulty, and the budget of their studies. In general, more time-consuming and more demanding studies tend to pay more than quick and easy ones.

Some studies, especially local ones, may offer course credits and other forms of participation rewards.

Please remember that you must successfully complete a study to get rewarded.

How do I get paid/rewarded?

If you are participating in the closed beta and you’ve participated in a study that pays a cash reward, you will need to pick up your payment from the researcher in person. The researcher who has invited you to participate will give you specific instructions on how to receive your reward.

Is there more to FindingFive than just a crowdsourcing platform for research studies?

Yes! We believe that participants deserve to be looped in as a research project progresses, because participants contributed all the data for driving the progress! We will soon release an exciting feature that allows researchers to offer regular updates on the progress of their study, and if applicable, specific stories about how participants’ data have led to scientific discoveries.

Sounds great! How do I start?

That’s great! You can sign up for an account here.


[1]If you are a researcher peeking at this question, please rest assured that you will still be able to tell if the same participant has participated in more than one of your studies (useful for multi-level modeling, for example). But the personal identity of that participant is never revealed to you.